Marriage and Children with Disabilities

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We are ecstatic to announce that our book will be released by Baker Books in the Spring of 2024! The book is devoted to how married couples can strengthen their relationship in the midst of caregiving for their child with chronic illness or disabilities.

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The Facts About Marriage and Parenting Children With Disabilities

Professionals do not agree on the exact increase in risk for separation or divorce. However, the research does agree that these couples are still greatly impacted. They all have one thing in common– their relationships weather additional stressors that are unique to couples parenting children with special needs and disabilities. It is no doubt that these stressors do impact the marriage relationship.

Our Marriage Workshops

Reorienting Your Marriage to New Expectations

In order to move forward together, married couples caring for children with special needs or disabilities must first recognize their difficult circumstances and the state of their marriage; grieve together for their disappointment and loss; accept their new life; and recommit to staying together on their unexpected journey. In this workshop we guide couples through this process of creating new expectations with experiential exercises.

Tools to Strengthen Your Marriage While Caregiving

The stress of caregiving often strains marriages. It is vital that couples caring for a loved one with disabilities develop advanced relationship skills and coping strategies. In this workshop, the Evans will guide couples in building and applying five of the most important evidence-based tools needed to grow a resilient marriage.

Finding Joy on the Journey Together

Like hiking many miles each day, just getting to the destination can feel more pressing than stopping to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. In the midst of the daily stress, illnesses, and grief, finding joyful moments can be difficult. We teach couples ways they can intentionally foster acceptance, look for small blessings, and enjoy little special moments together throughout the day. We challenge couples to live in the present moment to the fullest.

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